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If you know someone who owns a business and may benefit from our IT business management services, contact Computer Pro2call today.

Our advanced knowledge of HIPAA compliance and IT business management is a result of working with Loma Linda University for thirteen years. If you are a healthcare provider and are utilizing any kind of electronic protected health information (ePHI), HIPAA compliance should be at the forefront of your business. While good practice management software is a start, it is not the complete solution.

Reasons Your Business Should Be HIPAA Compliant:

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI data will be protected

Protect ePHI systems and data against reasonably-anticipated threats

We understand technology and that your business or personal lives are as unique as you. We believe in building strong partnerships with each of our clients. We enjoy seeing our clients’ success and satisfaction with technology that is the perfect fit for them.

These Objectives Are Further Classified Into The Following:

Administrative Protection

Assigned Security Responsibility

Workforce Security

Information Access Management

Security Incident Procedures

Physical Protection

Facility Access Controls

Workstation Use

Workstation Security

Device and Media Protection

Technical Protection

Access Control

Audit Controls

User Authentication & Permission

Transmission Security

If you would like a free HIPAA evaluation, contact Computer Pro2call and schedule an on-site appointment today! Our business it managers will come to you

Network Design

We design systems to maximize bandwidth, optimize time efficiency, and keep security tight.


Solutions Are Customized To Fit Your Business’s Needs And Budget

Our team of IT managers works with businesses to build smooth and efficient computer systems. Whether your business is new and needs to design a system from the ground up, or your business has been established for years, taking advantage of new efficiencies is beneficial for business operations. Computer Pro2call has an expert team of skilled business computer and information systems managers that are eager to help. We enjoy working with startup companies because it ensures the best system to suit budgets.

Part of our IT business solutions includes being able to coordinate all phases of the network design process, from purchasing to installation to employee training. We can also transfer data from your existing system, install backup systems, and integrate your desktops with point-of-sale (POS) programs.

Ways Our Business IT Managers Support You Through The Network Design Process:

Network Infrastructure Planning

Hardware Installation (Construction Phase)

Expertise for Startup & Existing Businesses

Computer System Development

Data Transfer from Existing Systems

Routine Back-up Installation

Cloud Services

Desktops Integration (POS Programs)

Secure Network or Firewall Protection

Mac or PC Expertise

E-mail Systems

Cutting-Edge System Setups

Some projects that may help your business include networking Macintosh or Windows computers and creating global calendars so everyone on the network can interact. If you have a challenging network, contact us for more information and we’ll discuss more of our IT business solutions to make things easier for you.

E-mail Systems

We provide in-house servers (ISP connections) to supply you with solutions. There is also always a competitive advantage in having your business stand out from the others, that’s why our e-mail services also include creating professional e-mails with your company name (e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com). Because your company deserves to look professional at all times, even electronically.

Customized Networks That Weave Into Your Business’s Computer Systems

Our business IT management team provides new networks, troubleshooting, and repairs that fit offices and personal computer needs so you don’t have to worry about your network anymore. We support everything from the switch to the server to the desktop.

Low-cost Plans

The right business IT solutions & plans will save your business money while preventing additional problems.


Fix Problems Before They Strike

If you know someone who owns a business and may benefit from our IT business management services, contact Computer Pro2call today.

Low-Cost Monthly Plans* with Unlimited Hours Include The Following:

Firewall Protection

New Product Consulting

New System Installation

Network Maintenance


Routine Back-up Installation


*All products and services delivered by a company representative to your office or home for no additional cost, in approved locations only. All labor is included in this service plan. However, it does not include hardware or software.

Affordable Plans That Are Hard-To-Beat

Our monthly service plans remove the hourly charges of hiring a technician. You simply pay a fixed fee for our IT services for businesses and have access to us at any time. This arrangement ensures that your computer systems are up to date without having to worry about the cost of the support call.

Don’t Let Costs Pressure You Into Using Outdated Systems & Avoiding Making Necessary Support Calls!

Our service plans always include the time it takes a technician to upgrade your computers, new systems installation, networking integration, network troubleshooting, and network repair. We love to meet the needs of our clients and  we do that by ensuring your technology is updated and always running efficiently. Part of our IT business solutions is being able to provide incredible monthly plan services for a one-time fee based on your needs… because keeping integrity at the forefront of our company goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction. Contact us if you would like more information about Computer Pro2call’s monthly service plans. 

Receiving Computer Assistance Has Never Been Easier

Our business it solutions & plans are designed so your repairs and regular maintenance are completed without minimal stress and minimal costs. You will also have 24-hour access to our team of business computer and information systems managers.

Computer Training

Participate in training programs to increase employee confidence in your systems.


Computer Pro2call Is Your Single Source For All Your Computer Education Needs!

We offer training sessions to provide computer guidance and comprehension. Computers can be daunting and complicated for some, but Computer Pro2call simplifies the learning process. Those utilizing our computer training services can enjoy the hands-on expertise of our business computer and information systems managers, thus resulting in increased computer competence.


Begin Training* At Any Knowledge Level

Our one-on-one training or classroom lectures offer knowledge from our business IT managers and create a learning atmosphere for you and your employees so you can feel comfortable learning about your networks, software, and tech. We also offer on-site training so you don’t have to worry about travel expenses. Our commitment to training is a result of the digital world we live in, in which computer knowledge can benefit everyone these days.

*All Offered Training Sessions Are Customizable.

Training Made Easy

Learn from the comfort of your own home or office:

Customized Lectures

Basic Computer Skills and Most Programs

One-On-One Training or Group Seminars

Employee Training

We Love To Educate The User On How To Be More Productive With Computers.

We love to customize computer training sessions that will fit your individual needs and are happy to tailor each session to the specific audience so we can experience the most efficient training. Since our teachers and IT managers for businesses are current when it comes to the cutting edge of technology, we are always prepared to educate. If you feel like you or someone you know could learn more about computers.

Seminars — For Those With A Computer Company Preference

Let’s put together a workshop with your computer company of choice! Learning more about a company usually helps with product knowledge, as well. Let Computer Pro2call coordinate an instructional meet-and-greet over lunch. Our goal is to learn… for the success of your company. In this way, your employees can feel more comfortable with the technology in your office while gaining training for new systems and program upgrades. We are an excellent option for technology information.

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