Network Design

We can design systems to maximize bandwidth and optimize time efficiency, while keeping security tight.

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We Customize Solutions To Fit Your Needs And Your Budget!

We are highly experienced in helping companies build computer systems smoothly and efficiently. Regardless if you are a new company and need to develop a system from the ground up or a company that has existed for years but needs new efficiency in their operations, we are there to help. We love working with companies from the ground up to make sure you get the best system for your budget. Computer Pro2call coordinates all phases from purchasing to installation and even employee training.

Also, we can transfer your data from your existing system and install backup systems. We can integrate your desktops with point of sale programs too!


We Work With You Every Step Of The Way:

Network Infrastructure Planning

Hardware Installation in the Construction Phase

Experienced with Brand New or Existing Companies

Experts at Building Computer Systems

Transfer all Data from Existing Systems

Set-up Routine Back-ups

Cloud Services

Integrate Desktops with Point of Sale Programs

Secure Network or Firewall Protection

E-mail Systems

Mac or PC

VOIP Phone Systems

Computer Pro2call Offers Customized Networks That Weave Into Your Company's Computer Systems.

By providing new networks, troubleshooting, and repair that fits your office or personal computer needs, you do not have to worry about your network anymore. We support everything from the switch or hub, to the server, to the desktop.

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Computer Pro2call Specializes In Cutting-Edge System Setups.

Networking Macintosh computers to Windows computers or by making your palm calendars global so everyone on the network can interact with them are just some of the projects that may help you. If you have a challenging network, contact us for more information on how we can make things easier for you.

E-mail Systems:

We provide in-house servers, or ISP connections used to supply you with solutions. We offer email with your company name (i.e., yourname@yourcompany.com). 

We can help you to make your company look electronically professional. By separating yourself from the rest, you get a competitive advantage.

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Computer Pro2call is your single source for all your computing needs!