HIPAA Compliancy

Medical records secured and your office made HIPAA compliant is our specialty.

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Computer Pro2call Has Been Working With The Evolving HIPAA Compliancy Rules Since 1998.

We get our foundational knowledge from working with Loma Linda University for 13 years. If you are working with electronic patient records of any kind then HIPAA compliancy should be on the for front of your concern. A good practice management software is a start, but not the complete solution.


The Key To HIPAA Compliancy Is:

1. Safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI data

2. Protect ePHI systems and data against reasonably anticipated threats


These Broad Statements Can Be Broken Down Into The Following Tasks:

1. Administrative Protection

Assigned Security Responsibility

Workforce Security

Information Access Management

Security Incident Procedures

2. Physical Protection

Facility Access Controls

Workstation Use

Workstation Security

Device and Media Protection

3. Technical Protection

Access Control

Audit Controls

User Authentication and permissions

Transmission Security


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