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Our Walk-In IT Support Services Means Your Last-Minute Computer

Issues Can Still Get Immediate Attention

Computer and IT Services:

Repair & Routine Maintenance

Data Recovery

Software Evaluation and Installations

System Upgrades

Virus Protection and Removal


VOIP Phone Systems

Backup Plans

In-person It Support Available*

Bring in your computer with no appointment and we’ll fix it

Mon. to Fri. from 9a.m. – 5p.m. | 1902 Orange Tree Ln Suite 120, Redlands, Ca 92374

*masks and social distancing are required for all in-person services.

Unexpected Computer Problems?

If your computer is experiencing random, unplanned issues, you shouldn’t be penalized by having to make an appointment then wait long periods of time to get it fixed. It isn’t your fault that your computer is having technical difficulties, and your computing needs shouldn’t be dismissed or treated as less important simply because it wasn’t planned.

We provide in-person technology support for computers and other devices. Our walk-in IT support services means that you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or months for one of our technicians to service your computer. We understand that unexpected computer problems happen, and we want to help. Our walk-in IT support services require no appointments on your end. Your computer or device could malfunction at any moment, but it still needs immediate attention.

We’re Here To Help With Unplanned Technological Issues!

We love to meet the needs of our clients and one way we do that is through our reliable, accessible services. Sometimes, an appointment simply can’t be done. When computers malfunction randomly or you have an emergency computer issue that needs to be tended to as soon as possible, use our walk-in IT support services. We want to ensure that your technology is updated and always running efficiently… because keeping integrity at the forefront of our company goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction.

We Welcome Walk-ins and On-site Services

Contact us if you would like more information about Computer Pro2call’s walk-in IT support services.

Receiving Computer Assistance Has Never Been Easier

Our walk-in it support solutions are designed so emergency repairs can be completed without lengthy waits.

Computer Training

Participate In Training Programs To Increase Confidence In Your Systems.


Computer Pro2call Is Your Single Source For All Your Computer Education Needs!

Computers can be daunting and complicated for some, but Computer Pro2call simplifies the learning process. We offer training sessions to provide computer guidance and comprehension so the next time your computer malfunctions unexpectedly and you can’t take advantage of our walk-in IT support services, you’ll still be equipped to handle such circumstances.


Begin Training* At Any Knowledge Level

Our one-on-one training or classroom lectures offer computer knowledge while creating a learning atmosphere to learn about your networks, software, and tech. Our commitment to training is a result of the increasingly digital world, in which computer knowledge can benefit everyone these days.

*All Offered Training Sessions Are Customizable.

Training Made Easy

Learn from the comfort of your own home:

Customized Lectures

Basic Computer Skills and Most Programs

One-On-One Training

Group Seminars

We Love To Educate The User On How To Be More Productive With Computers.

We love to customize computer training sessions that will fit your individual needs and are happy to tailor each session to the specific audience so we can experience the most efficient training. Since our teachers are current when it comes to the cutting edge of technology, we are always prepared to educate. If you feel like you or someone you know could learn more about computers, please contact us.

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Computer Pro2call is your single source for all your computing needs!