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Computer Pro2call Specializes In Upgrades And Maximizing Device Capability.

We are well suited to upgrade your existing computers to gain performance and productivity for the end user. We will give you a realistic evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of upgrades versus new systems. Often upgrading a computer is more cost-effective, but may not be more time effective. We can help you find what makes the most sense for your current needs. Customizing computer products to your needs is what we do best!

Not Only Do We Create Specific Solutions For Each Of Our Clients, But We Also Work Towards Providing The Most Cost-effective Services As Well. 

Not only do we create specific solutions for each of our clients, but we also work towards providing the most cost-effective services as well. We understand what products, platforms, data systems, devices, etc. work best together. We are here to offer those innovative solutions to our clients at a price that is fair. We pride ourselves on our ability to look at the most cost-effective options for your specific needs.

Some Of Our Upgrading Services Include:

Computer Optimization

New Product Consulting

Productivity Increased

New System Installation

VOIP Phone Systems

System Upgrades Provide Your Devices With Maximum Capability.

Watch your productivity increase and see work done more efficiently as updates provide your employees with the assets they need in the workplace. At Computer Pro2call, we tailor our solutions to your specific needs. We aim to understand each of our clients and what they need to be as productive as possible.

Our System Upgrading Services Provide You With An Array Of Options.

You can trust that we will work to get your device working at its highest functioning capability. Our creative solutions allow us to make a unique technology plan for you.

At Computer Pro2call, we are well equipped to work with a variety of operating systems.

We Work With You Every Step Of The Way:

Windows Server

Windows Desktop


Macintosh Server OS

Macintosh OS




Android OS

VOIP Phone Systems

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