Maximize-Network-DesignIf you need to design a network, the process is iterative, meaning there is a lot of repetition involved to achieve the desired result. An example of this iterative process in computing would be a loop, which is a programming structure that repeats a sequence of instructions until a specific condition is met. Since repetition, along with various other aspects such as topological design and forming the network and making the network real, is involved when it comes to designing a network, finding a company that specializes in network design could prove beneficial to you.

At Computer Pro2call, we can design systems to maximize bandwidth and optimize time efficiency all while keeping security tight for you. Our highly experienced team will consider three ways in which having a company that offers network design services by your side can benefit you when it comes to your computing needs.

Let us consider what it means when we say we can help you.

  1. Maximize bandwidth.
  2. Optimize time efficiency.
  3. Keep security tight.

I think I need to maximize my bandwidth. But, I’m not sure…

Bandwidth refers to the maximum data transfer rate of a network or Internet connection. It measures how much data can be sent over a specific connection in a given amount of time. And while bandwidth and internet speed go hand-in-hand, Verizon explains the difference: “Bandwidth is […] the volume of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time.” Imagine a freeway with only 2 lanes during rush hour traffic in a large city.  Your car would not be moving very fast even though it has the potential too.  This is an example of low bandwidth.  Now take that same freeway during rush hour traffic and expand it to 20 lanes.  Your car could easily reach its potential speed.  They are both freeways but we all know which one you would rather drive on.

To determine if you need more bandwidth, consider your conditions. If you have multiple devices running at the same time, it is a good idea to get more bandwidth. Essentially, a general rule-of-thumb is that the more devices being used at any given time, the more bandwidth you should consider.

With 24 hours in a day, time is of the essence. And we don’t want to waste it fussing around with our computer system, do we?

Nobody wants to waste time. How can we at Computer Pro2call help you develop a system that is efficient and quick? We analyze all aspects of your computer system to ensure there are no bottlenecks; from your computer, to your network and firewall, to your internet provider, to your software choices, and to your preventative maintenance.  Everything affects the overall performance of your system.  You can purchase a $4,000 super computer and put it on a slow internet connection and network and you would still feel like you were stuck in the 80s.

We are experienced in building a computer system from the ground up and working with an existing system and transferring pre-existing data into an updated system.

Stops attacks, even the potential ones!

One of the many services we provide is to secure your network and/or install firewall protection. We understand that in the technological world, real threats exist that could mess up the flow of a company. We want to make sure security measures are in place that help protect your network from outside attackers.

A firewall will allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules that we help you define. Our firewall protection can secure your network on-site and in the cloud. Of course, there is no such thing as an perfectly secure network, but we take additional measures to minimize attacks.

Computer Pro2call offers customized networks that weave into your company’s computer systems.

When it comes to network design, our team will customize solutions to fit your needs and budget. We are also happy to work with you every step of the way to ensure your computing needs and network design interests are met.

We are your computer and information systems managers and we would be honored to be your source for all your computing needs, including network design and consulting services. If you’re located in or around Redlands, CA, contact us by phone at (909) 525-4462 or for faster results, fill out the form on our contact page.