Computer Pro2call About Us

Computer Pro2call is your single source for all your computing needs!

Building Relationships

Founded in 1995, Computer Pro2call is a computer system management provider that helps leading organizations generate competitive value by leveraging the power of technology. From strategy and design to system integration, Computer Pro2call works with clients to identify and realize opportunities to increase their return on investment, improve productivity, and enhance their relationships with customers, employees and partners. Computer Pro2call understands that relationships, both internal and external, are one of an organization’s greatest assets. We work with clients to maximize the return on this asset and inturn maximizing relationship value.

Raising Your Productivity

We develop user-centered solutions that enhance a company’s relationships with its key constituents, by focusing on solutions that are cost effective in order to increase return on investment. Applying the best and most innovative technologies to the user experience helps productivity to reach new levels. Our solutions span a breadth of platforms, devices and networks, including integration with legacy systems, development of business applications, and web-based functionality.

Proactive Support = Peace of Mind

Computer Pro2call takes all the stress out of computer use. We worry about your computers for you, so you can be more productive. We specialize in on-site computer service, so you do not have to be bothered with unplugging your system and transporting it to a computer store. Have you ever had a computer store fix your computer, you bring it home, and it still does not work? We eliminate that hassle. We also will bring all your computer systems and users to a higher level of productivity. This means less crashes and better time spent while using a computer. We have affordable pricing so everyone can take advantage of our services. Once you sign up with Computer Pro2call your computer system will work for you, not against you.

Mission Statement

Computer Pro2call is an on-site service oriented company, designed to completely manage all aspects of a company or home computer system. Managing a computer system would include, but is not limited to: hardware, software, upgrades, repairs, system trouble shooting, new system integration, networks, servers, training, and seminars.

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